L. G. Pine - Works


His books include:

  • Trace Your Ancestors, Evans (1953)
  • They Came With The Conqueror: A Study Of The Modern Descendants Of The Normans (1954)
  • Heraldry and Genealogy: Teach Yourself (1957)
  • The Twilight Of Monarchy (1958)
  • Orders of Chivarly and Decorations of Honour of the World (1960)
  • Ramshackledom, A Critical Appraisal of the Establishment (1962)
  • Heraldry, Ancestry And Titles: Questions And Answers (1965)
  • The Story of Surnames (1965)
  • The Story of Heraldry (1952, revised 1966)
  • After Their Blood : a Survey of Blood Sports in Britain (1966)
  • Tradition and Custom in Modern Britain (1967)
  • Genealogist's Encyclopedia (1969)
  • Story of Titles (1969)
  • Princes of Wales (1970)
  • International Heraldry (1970)
  • Heraldry and Genealogy (1970)
  • The Highland Clans (1972)
  • The History of Hunting (1973)
  • Sons of the Conqueror: Descendant of the Norman Dynasty (1973)
  • The New Extinct Peerage, 1884-1971: Containing Extinct, Abeyant, Dormant & Suspended Peerages with Genealogies and Arms (1973)
  • The Middle Sea: Short History of the Mediterranean (1973)
  • American Origins (1980)
  • A Dictionary of Mottoes (1983)
  • A Dictionary of Nicknames (1984)
  • Titles (1992)

Pine is also the primary contributor to the article "genealogy" in Encyclopædia Britannica.

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