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The first event in 2000 for McCallan was the ICC Emerging Nations Tournament in Zimbabwe, playing against Scotland, Kenya and Denmark in addition to the host's A team. The summer started with a NatWest Trophy match against Shropshire and two matches each against the MCC and Zimbabwe. He then captained Ireland in the 2000 European Championship which was followed by a first-class match against Scotland.

Three matches against the MCC and a match against the Earl of Arundel's XI in England served as warm-up for Ireland served as warm-ups for the 2001 ICC Trophy, which McCallan captained Ireland in. He was one of two Irish bowlers to take ten wickets in the tournament and was named man of the match against the Netherlands. Returning to Ireland, he played a match against Australia before the Triple Crown Tournament in England and a C & G Trophy match against the Hampshire Cricket Board.

A C & G Trophy match against Nottinghamshire started 2002 for McCallan, before a match against West Indies A in June. This was followed by the European Championship, a match against the MCC and a C & G Trophy match against Berkshire. Two matches against Zimbabwe were his first matches the following year, the first of which Ireland won by ten wickets. He played several more matches that year, including internationals against South Africa and Denmark.

In 2004, McCallan played two C & G Trophy matches against Surrey and Northamptonshire, before two matches against the West Indies, the second of which Ireland won by six wickets. He also played that year against the MCC, an ICC Intercontinental Cup match against the Netherlands and the European Championship before two matches against Bangladesh.

The main event in 2005 for Kyle McCallan was the ICC Trophy. Ireland finished second in the tournament, thus qualifying for the 2007 World Cup. After the ICC Trophy finished, McCallan represented Ireland in their 2005 ICC Intercontinental Cup matches against Scotland and the Netherlands. Ireland qualified for the semi-finals in Windhoek, where McCallan played in the semi-final against the UAE before playing a key role in the final against Kenya. He took 4/34 in the Kenyan second innings, and was named joint man of the match with Andrew White.

The following year, 2006, was a busy one for Irish cricket as they prepared to make their World Cup debut and McCallan was a key part of their side. In the early part of the year, he played in several C & G Trophy games against various English county sides and an 2006 ICC Intercontinental Cup match against Namibia before playing his first ODI against England, also Ireland's first ODI. The year continued with the European Championship and a further Intercontinental Cup match against Scotland in Aberdeen.

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