Kufr Khall

Kufr Khall, (also written Kufur Khall, Kufr Khal) (Arabic: كفرخل ), is a town in the north of Jordan, in the Jerash Governorate. The origin of its name, is from Syriac kafr meaning the village or the country and from Arabic khall that means vinegar, or more generally, grape. So the words Kufr Khall stand for 'the village of grapes'. Effectively, Kufr Khall is still famous nowadays for its well-known grapes production.

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History - Kufr Khall As A Rural Centre
... Kufr Khall was no doubt an important rural centre since Roman domination of Jordan, and a complex of several tombs (discovered in 1981) clearly shows the importance of ... Umayyad and Abbasid presence in Kufr Khall is also witnessed by several ruins ... Kufr Khall saw a moment of decline of its splendor in the 17th century anyway, important documents proof the presence of Kufr Khall as a rural ...
Kufr Khall - Prince Hamzah Natural Reserve
... The reserve was opened by Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein on 16 August 2004 ... It harbors a large number of trees and animals, as the Palestine Oak, Aleppo Pine and the Greek Strawberry Treeits one of the best natural views around the village and they are a lot of farms around it that belongs to the locals like the one owned by mousa al abed which was developed and built in 1980 ...