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Business Empire

He started in 1989 from the rozwożenia kiosks "Gazeta Wyborcza" Oplem Kadett with his father. The money he earned he invested in a construction company. Today Kolporter S.A. supplies more than 28,500 points of sale. There are eleven companies with the Kolporter Group which include:

- Kolporter S.A. - Newsmonger Joint Stock Company is a private distributor of newspapers and books in Poland. Its coverage area includes the entire country and it has 20 branch locations. Kolporter SA works with more than a thousand press journals, and its market share is over 44% (according to the Association of Press Distribution Control - based on the amount of sales).

- Kolporter Promotion (2003)- the company deals with promotion, advertising and merchandising, offering attractive media and advertising surfaces deployed in commercial networks and individual retail shops.

- Condite sp. z o.o. (2002) - the company runs the general maintenance of buildings including: office buildings, hospitals, housing and film studios. The company also manufactures and assembles aluminum panels, furniture stores, offices, commercial kiosks and pavilions. Condite Development (2006) specializes in residential investment and implementation of large commercial facilities in the developed throughout the country.

- Kolporter Service (1997) - the company is a telecommunications card distributor and has its own network of more than 18 terminals offering up to one thousand prepaid charge cards. Kolporter Info S.A. (2001) - a seller of computer software. It provides comprehensive IT solutions: use of products to assist in the management of companies dedicated to software, consulting services, implementation and outsourcing, and sale and service of computer equipment.

- Kolporter Shopping Network (network marketing company) (2001). The company was established as 'Kolporter Salon', but has been operating under its present name since 14 October 2004. It deals with the administration of the network of the Kolporter Salon magazine, multimedia stores and "Meta" grocery stores across the entire country.

- Multimedia stores

- Meta grocery stores

- Kolporter Service - dealing in FMCG goods and newsmonger development.

- Kolporter Expo S.A.(2006)- the company is organizing trade fairs and exhibitions, including congresses and conferences. Kolportera Expo opened at the 2008 Silesian Expo in the Sosnowiec exhibition centre. This Expo event launched at the International Fair of Silesia was a national exhibition of racing pigeons.

- Ferment (2005) - is a publisher specializing in copyright music projects. It sells the magazine "Music Ferment Demonstrations", together with CDs of music by selected artists. So far, CD projects include: Osjan, Carrantuohill, Septeto Nacional, Orkiestra św. Teams: Osjan, Carrantuohill, Septeto Nacional Orchestra of St.. Mikołaja, Transkapela, Paula Brody'ego z Minsker Kapelye oraz Roberta Chojnackiego . Nicholas, Transkapela, Paul Brodyof Minsker kapely and Robert Chojnacki. A characteristic feature of Ferment musical projects is their design: the magazine with the CD is placed in a large envelope resembling an analogue cover plate.The innovator of this publishing concept is Grzegorz Maciągowski.

- Pretorius - offers consulting and comprehensive support for the management of receivables and receivables turnover. Implements and carries out individual projects on the financial security and stable cash flow businesses. The company offers a service guarantee for payment, minimizing the risks associated with outstanding payments. Also, it improves knowledge of business in professional claims management, ensuring financial security.

In 2004, the Kolporter Group recorded about 2.14 billion zloty of revenue and 19 million zloty net profit. Currently, Krzysztof Klicki is one of the 100 richest Poles (in 36th position) with commercial assets of around 850 million zloty.

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