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Martya is cynical, mostly about the patriarchal society of Barrayar and the Vor, but levelheaded and practical. She is also the most no-nonsense of the Koudelka girls and even a bit prickly. (Kareen observes that 'any man whose idea of a good time was to feed, pet and care for a creature that mainly responded to his worship with hostile noises, was going to get along great with Martya.') During the events of A Civil Campaign Kareen was forbidden to have any contact with the Vorkosigan household due to her forbidden affair with Mark Vorkosigan, and Martya was assigned as her warden. However, as she was not forbidden to contact the Vorkosigans, she was able to act as a conduit for information for Kareen—though not without tweaking her sister at the same time. Martya eventually became fond of Dr. Enrique Borgos, the quirky Escobaran biogeneticist principally responsible for Butter Bugs.

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