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  • Kong (surname) (孔), a Chinese and Korean surname
  • Kǒng (孔), a common Chinese surname and the clan name of Confucius
  • Major T.J. Kong, a fictional character in the 1964 film Dr. Strangelove
  • Kong is also a nickname or stage name for:
    • Dave Kingman (born 1948), baseball player of the 1970s
    • Robbie Green (born 1974), English darts player
    • Shawn Crahan (born 1969), American musician
    • Kia Stevens (born 1977), female professional wrestler who went by the ring names of "Amazing Kong" and "Awesome Kong"
    • Erika Shishido (born 1970), female professional wrestler who went by the ring name of "Aja Kong"
    • Dee Booher (born 1951), female professional wrestler who went by the ring names of Queen Konga and Queen Kong
    • Dwain McCullough (born 1958 - died 2012), professional wrestler that went by the name of Awesome Kong
    • Gary Elkerton (born 1964), Australian surfer
    • Kong, a common word for a Khasi woman in Khasi language (This language is from Meghalaya, India)

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