Ko - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Ko rule, in the board game Go
  • Ko or Gao (surname)
  • Ko (Korean name), Korean surname
  • Ko, an ancient Chinese weapon also known as a dagger-axe in English
  • KO Transmission, an interstate natural gas pipeline company
  • Alaska Central Express IATA airline designator
  • The Coca-Cola Company stock ticker symbol and corporate internet domain ko.com
  • Knight Online, a 2004 online role-playing game
  • Knock-off, a counterfeit product
  • Kemetic Orthodoxy religion
  • Contracting Officer, US government contract point-of-contact; acronym KO instead of CO is used not to be confused with Commanding Officer
  • Ronkonkoma (LIRR station), a train station in Ronkonkoma, New York
  • Kō, a version of the foot plough used by the Māori people

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