Kołobrzeg - Notable Residents

Notable Residents

  • Johannes Colberg (1623–1687), Lutheran theologian
  • Martin von Rango (1634–1688), Ratsherr (councilman), historian
  • Konrad Tiburtius Rango (1639–1700), theologian, botanist
  • Karl Wilhelm Ramler (1725–1798), poet, translator, director at Berlin theater
  • Joachim Nettelbeck (1738–1824), seaman, representative during occupation of Kolberg 1807
  • Christian Wilhelm Gericke (1748–1803), pietist, evangelical missionary
  • Hermann Freihold Plüddemann (1809–1868), artist, illustrator
  • Martin Plüddemann (1854–1897), composer, musical conductor
  • Ernst Maass (1856–1929), classical philologian
  • Magnus Hirschfeld (1868–1935), physician,sociologist and early 20th century Gay rights campaigner
  • Hans Benzmann (1869–1926), lyricist
  • Alfred Uckeley (1874–1955), evangelical theologian
  • Paul Oestreich (1878–1959), educator, reformer
  • Jan Ignacy Frankowski (1886–1972) Polish activist and scholar who lived in Kołobrzeg before World War I, and returned after 1945 to organize studies of Kołobrzeg's Polish and Slavic history
  • Hans-Jürgen Stumpff (1889–1968), German general of Luftwaffe, co-signer of unconditional surrender 8 May 1945 in Berlin
  • Karl Hans Janke (1909–1988), engineer, inventor, artist
  • Erika von Brockdorff (1911–1943), German resistance fighter
  • Dietwulf Baatz (* 1928), archaeologist
  • Egon Krenz (* 1937), last communist leader of East Germany.
  • Wichart von Roëll (* 1937), actor
  • Buzz Bütow (1943–2004), cartoonist, graphic-designer, film- and literature reviewer
  • Christine Lucyga (born 1944), politician
  • Agnieszka Rylik, boxing world champion (see: http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agnieszka_Rylik)
  • Agata Stefanowicz (born 1978), humanitarian
  • Dariusz Trafas (born 1972), athlete, javelin throw national record holder
  • Robert Szpak (born 1989), athlete, javelin throw, 2008 World Junior Champion

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