Kočapar Branislavljević

Kočapar Branislavljević was a 12th-century Serb Prince (Župan) that ruled Duklja 1102-1103, under the rule of Grand Prince Vukan of Rascia. He was the son of Branislav, Prince of Duklja.

Following Bodin's death in 1108, Bodin's half-brother Dobroslav II succeeded him as king of Doclea. Kočopar Branislavljević, Bodin's first cousin once removed, travelled from Dyrrhachium to Rascia, forging an alliance with Vukan. This alliance would prove worthy in their successful invasion of Doclea in 1102. The battle that ensued at the Morača led to the overthrow of Dobroslav II and the coronation of Kočopar to the throne. Dobroslav was subsequently banished to Rascia and a large part of Dalmatia was pillaged in the process. Vukan appointed Kočapar the Prince of Duklja ruled as an appanage (fief). The two would soon brake, with Vukan, sending a squad to Doclea (city), forcing him to flee to Bosnia and then Zahumlje where he also died.