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Knowledge Modeling
... Knowledge modeling is a process of creating a computer interpretable model of knowledge or standard specifications about a kind of process and/or about a kind of facility or product ... The resulting knowledge model can only be computer interpretable when it is expressed in some knowledge representation language or data structure that ... Knowledge-based engineering or knowledge-aided design is a process of computer-aided usage of such knowledge models for the design of products, facilities or processes ...
Massachusetts House Of Representatives - Representation
... Today, each Representative represents about 40,000 residents ... Their districts are named for the counties they are in and tend to stay within one county, although districts occasionally cross county lines ...
Knowledge Modeling - Explicitation of Document Content
... Knowledge modeling includes the explicitation of knowledge and requirements that is available in documents, such as design manuals, (international) standard specifications and ... In order to make such knowledge computer interpretable it need to be expressed in a formal knowledge representation language and thus transformed into a computer ... This enables that the knowledge and requirements are related to the objects in the knowledge model, whereas the whole model is again stored in a Database ...
Faithful Representation - Properties
... A representation V of a finite group G over an algebraically closed field K of characteristic zero is faithful (as a representation) if and only if every irreducible representation of G occurs as a ... Also, V is faithful (as a representation) if and only if every irreducible representation of G occurs as a subrepresentation of (the n-th tensor power of the representation V) for a sufficiently high n ...
Representation - Science - Mathematics
... Representation (mathematics) and group representation Multiple representations (mathematics education) Knowledge representation, the study of formal ways to ...

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    I suggested to them also the great desirability of a general knowledge on the Island of the English language. They are under an English speaking government and are a part of the territory of an English speaking nation.... While I appreciated the desirability of maintaining their grasp on the Spanish language, the beauty of that language and the richness of its literature, that as a practical matter for them it was quite necessary to have a good comprehension of English.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    I ... observed the great beauty of American government to be, that the simple machines of representation, carried through all its parts, gives facility for a being moulded at will to fit with the knowledge of the age; that thus, although it should be imperfect in any or all of its parts, it bears within it a perfect principle the principle of improvement.

    Frances Wright (1795–1852)