Knightmare Frames

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Knightmare Frame - Overview
... Knightmare Frames are all robots but often have a humanoid shape and are usually between four to six meters (about 13 to 20 feet) tall ... In addition to the standard range of bipedal movement, Knightmare Frames are equipped with Landspinners, self-propelled roller skates attached to the ankles of the machines, which allow them to ... Knightmare Frames are piloted from a cockpit set in the protruding 'hump back' of the unit ...
Knightmare Frame - Fictional History - Fifth Generation: Evolution
... Following the success of the Knightmare Frames against conventional weapons of war, attention was turned to creating Knightmare Frames intended to destroy ... the Gloucester, a Sutherland variant designed specifically to combat other Knightmare Frames ...

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