Kistler Prize

The Kistler Prize (created 1999) is awarded annually to recognize original contributions "to the understanding of the connection between human heredity and human society," and includes a cash award of US $100,000 and a 200-gram gold medallion.

The prize is awarded by the Foundation For the Future, and is named after its benefactor, physicist and inventor Walter Kistler. The recipients have been:

  • 2000 – Edward O. Wilson
  • 2001 – Richard Dawkins
  • 2002 – Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza
  • 2003 – Arthur Jensen
  • 2004 – Vincent Sarich
  • 2005 – Thomas J. Bouchard
  • 2006 – Doreen Kimura
  • 2007 – Spencer Wells
  • 2008 – Craig Venter
  • 2009 – Svante Pääbo
  • 2010 – Leroy Hood
  • 2011 – Charles Murray

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