King's Lynn (UK Parliament Constituency) - Members of Parliament - C.1290–1640


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Parliament First member Second member
1386 Edmund Beleyeter Thomas Morton
1388 (Feb) Henry Betley Thomas Morton
1388 (Sep) Edmund Beleyeter Thomas Drew
1390 (Jan) Robert Waterden John Wace
1390 (Nov) John Wentworth Thomas Waterden
1391 Robert Botkesham John Kepe
1393 Thomas Morton Thomas Brigge
1394 Thomas Morton Thomas Drew
1395 Thomas Waterden John Brandon
1397 (Jan) Thomas Drew John Brandon
1397 (Sep) John Wentworth Roger Rawlin
1399 Robert Botkesham Thomas Waterden
1401 Robert Botkesham Thomas Waterden
1402 Thomas Fawkes Robert Bruhham
1404 (Jan) Thomas Drew John Wentworth
1404 (Oct) John Brandon Thomas Drew
1406 Thomas Brigge Thomas Derham
1407 William Lok John Wesenham
1410 John Spicer John Brown
1411 Bartholomew Sistern Philip Frank
1413 (Feb) William Halyate John Tilney
1413 (May) William Halyate John Tilney
1414 (Apr) John Bilney John Tilney
1414 (Nov) John Spicer Andrew Swanton
1415 Thomas Brigge John Tilney
1416 (Mar) John Spicer Thomas Brigge
1416 (Oct) William Herford John Warner
1417 Robert Brunham Thomas Hunt
1419 Philip Frank Walter Curson
1420 Thomas Brigge Andrew Swanton
1421 (May) Bartholomew Sistern John Parmenter
1421 (Dec) John Waterden Robert Brandon
1510 Thomas Gibbon Francis Monford
1512 Francis Monford Thomas Wythe
1515 Robert Soome Thomas Wythe
1523 Thomas Miller Richard Bewcher
1529 Thomas Miller Richard Bewcher
replaced Oct 1535 by Robert Southwell
1536 Robert Southwell William Coningsby
1539 Thomas Waters Robert Southwell
1542 Thomas Waters Thomas Miller
1545 Edmund Grey Thomas Miller
1547 Thomas Gawdy William Overend
replaced Jan 1549 by George Amyas
1553 (Mar) Sir Richard Corbet John Walpole
1553 (Oct) John Walpole Thomas Waters
1554 (Apr) Thomas Waters William Overend
1554 (Nov) Sir Thomas Moyle Thomas Waters
1555 Sir Nicholas L'Estrange Thomas Waters
1558 Ambrose Gilberd, died
and replaced Sep 1558 by
William Telverton
Thomas Waters
1558/9 Thomas Hogan Thomas Waters
1562/3 (Sir) Robert Bell Richard L'Estrange
1571 (Sir) Robert Bell John Kynne
1572 (Sir) Robert Bell, died
and replaced Jan 1580 by
John Peyton
John Pell
1584 (Mar) John Peyton Richard Clarke
1586 (Oct) Richard Clarke Thomas Oxborough
1588/9 Richard Clarke Thomas Boston
1593 Sir John Peyton William Lewis
1597 (Sep) Thomas Oxborough Nathaniel Bacon
1601 Sir Robert Mansell Thomas Oxborough
1604 Thomas Oxborough Robert Hitcham
1614 Matthew Clerke Thomas Oxborough
1621–1622 Matthew Clerke John Wallis
1624 John Wallis William Doughty
1625 Thomas Gurling John Cooke
1626 Thomas Gurling John Cooke
1628 William Doughty Sir John Hare
1629–1640 No Parliaments summoned

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