Kingpin may refer to:

  • Kingpin (automotive part), the pivot in the steering mechanism
  • Crime boss

Kingpin may also be:

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Creatures In The Half-Life Series - Creatures From Xen - Kingpin
... The Kingpin is an alien enemy cut from Half-Life ... While it lacked convincing AI and gameplay goals, it was scripted nevertheless ...
Kingpin (chess Magazine)
... Kingpin (ISSN 0969-2150) is a chess magazine published intermittently in the UK ... Kingpin was founded in 1985 ...
List Of Spider-Man (1994 TV Series) Characters - Other Characters - Vanessa Fisk
... The ex-wife of the Kingpin / Wilson Fisk ... Vanessa loved her ex, Wilson Fisk, but hated his alter ego, the Kingpin ... When Vanessa was kidnapped by the Kingpin's enemy force by Silvermane and she was brought back by Alistair Smythe's robot (Smythe was the Kingpin's current assistant at the ...
List Of Spider-Man (1994 TV Series) Characters - Villains - Shocker
... Like the Rhino, the Shocker is loyal to the Kingpin, and served as muscle for him, accomplishing whatever was asked of him ... He was originally hired to retrieve potentially incriminating evidence about the Kingpin from Eddie Brock ... He later joined The Insidious Six and again worked for The Kingpin to try to kill Spider-Man ...
Lady Bullseye - Fictional Character Biography
... There, she finds The Kingpin, trying to live a normal civilian life, and killing his new girlfriend and her kids, and brutally stabbing Kingpin, telling him that this is a message for Matt Murdock ... she is shown to now be allied with the Kingpin against Daredevil, instigating a conflict between Daredevil and Norman Osborn, which ultimately leads to Daredevil declaring Hell's Kitchen the ...