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Thomas' Hypothesis On Identity of Sophagasenus
... Thomas makes use of Asoka’s genealogical list given in Asokavadana or Divyavadana as well as the list of kings given by Taranatha in his "The History of Buddhism in India" ... to connect Sophagasenus with the Maurya king Vrishasena mentioned in Divyavadana, thus theorizing that Virasena of Taranatha’s account was a Maurya king Vrishasena of Divyavadana and ... of Taranatha (completed in 1608 AD) indicate that Virasena was the father of the Magadhan king Nanda and the grandfather of king Mahapadama (sic) ...
Sophagasenus - Conclusions
... Maurya Empire declined after 232 BC, after the strong arm of Asoka was withdrawn on his death ... in eastern Gandhara alone—two during reign of Bindusara and one during later years of king Asoka ... Asoka’s Rock Edicts V and XIII amply prove that the nations of Kamboja, Yona, Gandhara (i.e ...
Aśvakas: A Branch of Kambojas - Arrian's and Asoka's Evidence - Further Observations
... The Yonas of king Asoka get adequately accounted for in Arachosia ... also being so importantly referred to the Shahbazgarhi and Mansehra Rock Edicts of Asoka (~250 BCE) etc–fell out of limelight so abruptly and becoming virtually extinct so suddenly in the intervening period ... There is no mention of any Aśvaka people in Asoka's records ...

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