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Saṃsāra (Buddhism) - Contemporary Glosses
... Buddhist Psychology The Foundation of Buddhist Thought, Perseus, Kindle Locations 2286-2287 (from the glossary) Cycle of clinging The cycle of clinging and taking birth in one desire after another ... Rodale, Kindle Location 2881 (from the glossary) Continuous vicious cycle the continuous vicious cycle of confirmation of existence ... Kindle Edition ...

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    If we reason, we would be understood; if we imagine, we would that the airy children of our brain were born anew within another’s; if we feel, we would that another’s nerves should vibrate to our own, that the beams of their eyes should kindle at once and mix and melt into our own, that lips of motionless ice should not reply to lips quivering and burning with the heart’s best blood. This is Love.
    Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822)