Kiewa Hydroelectric Scheme - Components


The main reservoir of the scheme is the Rocky Valley Dam, which has a capacity of 28 billion litres and is situated at 1600 metres above sea level. The scheme also contains a number of smaller dams and pondages. A great deal of the water in the dams comes from melting snow, which covers much of the area during cooler months.

Linking the reservoirs and power station are 11 miles (18 km) of tunnels, and 32 km of aqueducts. The scheme consists of four power stations:

No Power station Max. Capacity Turbines Coordinates
1 McKay Creek Power Station 150 MW 6 36°51′31″S 147°14′3″E / 36.85861°S 147.23417°E / -36.85861; 147.23417 (McKay Creek Power Station)
2 Bogong Power Station 140MW 2 36°48′23″S 147°13′40″E / 36.80639°S 147.22778°E / -36.80639; 147.22778 (Bogong Power Station)
3 Clover Power Station 29 MW 2 36°47′8″S 147°13′14″E / 36.78556°S 147.22056°E / -36.78556; 147.22056 (Clover Power Station)
4 West Kiewa Power Station 62 MW 4 36°45′36″S 147°11′10″E / 36.76°S 147.18611°E / -36.76; 147.18611 (West Kiewa Power Station)
Component Location Notes
Rocky Valley Dam 36°52′27″S 147°17′38″E / 36.87417°S 147.29389°E / -36.87417; 147.29389 (Rocky Valley Dam)
Rocky Valley Aqueduct 36°52′6″S 147°17′42″E / 36.86833°S 147.295°E / -36.86833; 147.295 (Rocky Valley Aqueduct) Diverts water south into Rocky Valley Dam
Langford West Aqueduct 36°53′38″S 147°18′59″E / 36.89389°S 147.31639°E / -36.89389; 147.31639 (Langford West Aqueduct) Diverts water north into Rocky Valley Dam from vivinity of Mt Cope
Langford East Aqueduct 36°52′51″S 147°20′16″E / 36.88083°S 147.33778°E / -36.88083; 147.33778 (Langford East Aqueduct) Diverts water east into Rocky Valley Dam
Pretty Valley Pondage 36°53′56″S 147°14′19″E / 36.89889°S 147.23861°E / -36.89889; 147.23861 (Pretty Valley Pondage) Pondage for McKay Creek Power Station. Fed by tunnel from Rocky Valley Dam
Cope East Aqueduct 36°55′57″S 147°16′8″E / 36.9325°S 147.26889°E / -36.9325; 147.26889 (Cope East Aqueduct) Diverts water north through Cope Saddle into Pretty Valley Pondage
Cope West Aqueduct 36°56′3″S 147°15′7″E / 36.93417°S 147.25194°E / -36.93417; 147.25194 (Cope West Aqueduct) Diverts water north through Cope Saddle into Pretty Valley Pondage
McKay Creek Power Station penstock 36°51′53″S 147°14′13″E / 36.86472°S 147.23694°E / -36.86472; 147.23694 (McKay Creek Power Station penstock) Carries water from Pretty Valley Pondage to McKay Creek Power Station.
Lake Guy 36°48′0″S 147°13′27″E / 36.8°S 147.22417°E / -36.8; 147.22417 (Lake Guy) Pondage for Clover Power Station.
Clover Dam 36°46′52″S 147°13′7″E / 36.78111°S 147.21861°E / -36.78111; 147.21861 (Clover Dam) Pondage for West Kiewa Power Station.
West Kiewa Power Station tailrace 36°44′40″S 147°10′4″E / 36.74444°S 147.16778°E / -36.74444; 147.16778 (West Kiewa Power Station tailrace)
Mt Beauty Pondage 36°46′52″S 147°13′7″E / 36.78111°S 147.21861°E / -36.78111; 147.21861 (Mt Beauty Pondage) Regulation pondage below West Kiewa Power station

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