Keystone Central School District

The Keystone Central School District (KCSD) is a midsized rural, public school district based in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania that includes public schools in Clinton County, and that serves students in Clinton County, Centre County, and Potter County. This district operates 6 elementary schools, three secondary schools (one middle school, one high schools), and one combined middle and high school), and one alternative education program. Geographically, the Keystone Central School District is the biggest school district in Pennsylvania. It encompasses approximately 1,048 square miles. According to 2000 federal census data, it serves a resident population of 36,950. According to District officials, in school year 2007-08 the Keystone Central School District provided basic educational services to 4,447 pupils through the employment of 408 teachers, 198 full-time and part-time support personnel, and 43 administrators.

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