Keepit Dam

Keepit Dam is a water storage dam on the Namoi River in New South Wales, Australia. Keepit Dam retains water from the Namoi River 13 kilometres upstream of its junction with the Peel River for flood control and irrigation. It is also used for local recreation, fishing and water skiing. It is the location of one of the premier soaring (gliding) sites in Australia - the Lake Keepit Soaring Club. It is located between the towns of Gunnedah and Manilla about 400 km north of Sydney.

The dam was constructed in 1961 and Lake Keepit has a storage capacity of 425 000 megalitres and provides town water to the town of Walgett via the Namoi and Barwon Rivers, it also provides irrigation water for the Namoi Valley. The Keepit Hydroelectric Power Station generates electricity when water is released.

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