Katy Garbi - Career - 2004–2005: Galazio Kai Lefko & Eho Sta Matia Ourano

2004–2005: Galazio Kai Lefko & Eho Sta Matia Ourano

In 2004 Garbi released her second EP titled "Galazio Kai Lefko" (English: Blue and white), a title reflecting the national colors of Greece as a dedication to her country. It also featured a new high bass song titled "Katapliktiko" and two remixes of "Esena Mono", which gained airplay and a number one position on the club charts. The "Esena Mono" remixes also gained success in other countries such as Russia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Also included on the EP was a "New Tempo Mix" of "Viastika".

In 2005, Garbi released her moderately successful 14th studio album "Eho Sta Matia Ourano" (English: I Have A Sky In My Eyes)which reached gold status in Greece and Cyprus. The album was written by Christos Dantis and also featured a duet between the two under the title "Spaciba Baby". Other songs that gained radio airplay included "Teleia Kai Pavla", "To Narkotiko Mou", the title track "Eho Sta Matia Ourano" and "Akouse Agori Mou", performing the latter at the 2005 Mad Video Music Awards.

That same year Garbi was a judge on the fourth and last installment of the hit talent music show Fame Story where she presented the song "Isovios Desmos", a duet between her and contestant Stathis Raftopoulos. The song made history as it was the first ever digital download track released in Greece. She also showcased a never before released song by the name of "Lakaki". It also became a radio hit. Later that year Garbi recorded the Greek song "Stohos" composed by popular Turkish singer Nazan Öncel for Planetworks, a dance and electronic label based in Greece, on their album Al Bazaar 3. Her song "Esena Mono" was mixed with the Turkish hit "Leili" by Mokka and became a music video named "Mokka vs. Katy Garbi".

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