Ka With Hook

Ka with hook (Ӄ ӄ; italics: Ӄ ӄ) is a letter of the Cyrillic script. It is formed from the Cyrillic letter Ka (К к) by the addition of a hook.

Ka with hook is used in the alphabets of the Chukchi, Khanty and Selkup languages, where it represents the voiceless uvular plosive /q/, as well as in the Itelmen language.

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Ka With Hook - Computing Codes
... Unicode name CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER KA WITH HOOK CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER KA WITH HOOK Encodings decimal hex decimal hex Unicode 1219 U+04C3 1220 U+04C4 UTF-8 131 ... D3 211. 132 ...

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