Judge Solomon

Judge Solomon

Chief Judge Hollins Solomon is a fictional character from the Judge Dredd stories in the comic 2000 AD. His first appearance in the comic was in a flashback in #68, in the 1978 story The Cursed Earth. However his main appearance is in the story Origins (2006–2007), as a recurring character in a series of flashbacks.

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Judge Solomon - Continuity Controversies
... In 1977 nobody expected the Judge Dredd strip to last for more than a couple of years, so no concerted effort was made to establish a proper character ... there was debate among fans as to whether Solomon had ever been chief judge ... Solomon's rank was not given in his first appearance and he did not wear the chief judge's uniform, although as he was drawn sitting on an eagle throne and presiding over Booth's trial ...
Judge Goodman - Biography
... Judge Goodman Deputy Chief Judge of Mega-City One In office 2052–2057 Chief judge Judge Solomon Preceded by Deputy Chief Judge of the United States (himself) Chief Judge of ... botched a suicide attempt, Goodman helped Solomon to fake Fargo's death ... In 2057 Goodman became Chief Judge of Mega-City One and immediately created the Council of Five to assist him and began to arm up the Judges to the extent that they could challenge the ...

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