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Open Access

Open-access journals are academic journals that are available to the reader without financial or other barrier other than access to the Internet itself. Some are subsidized, others require payment on behalf of the author. Subsidized journals are financed by an academic institution or a government information center.

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Social Science Open Access Repository
... The Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR) is a database specialising in scholarly articles from the social sciences which is freely accessible on the Internet ... SSOAR is a full-text server, and Internet users can access full-text versions of documents free of charge and without prior registration ... so-called "Green Road", a strategy for the implementation of Open Access whereby preprints or postprints of scholarly contributions are archived in an openly-acces ...
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... Peter Suber's list of the better lists Registry of Open Access Repository Material Archiving Policies (ROARMAP) ROMEO/Eprints Registry of Journal Self-Archiving Policies SHERPA/RoMEO ... National Institutes of Health to be published in an open access form ...
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... as certain newspapers, television, and radio broadcasts could be considered "open access" ... media broadcast media require receiving equipment, online content requires Internet access, and locally distributed printed media requires transportation to a distribution point ...
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... Environmental Health—published by BioMed Central from 2002 open access ... Environmental Health Insights—published by Libertas Academica since 2008 open access ... Institute of Environmental Health Sciences from 1972 open-access ...

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