José María Reina Barrios

José María Reina Barrios (December 24, 1854, San Marcos – February 8, 1898) was President of Guatemala from 15 March 1892 through 8 February 1898. He was born in San Marcos, Guatemala. He was nicknamed Reinita, the diminutive form, because of his short stature.

He was a moderate of Guatemala's Liberal Party, who worked to solidify the less controversial of the reforms of late president Justo Rufino Barrios. The power of the landowners over the rural peasantry increased during his presidency. He oversaw rebuilding of parts of Guatemala City on a grander scale, with some wide avenues built on the model of those of Paris. He oversaw Guatemala hosting the first Central American Exposition in 1897. He printed paper currency to fund his ambitious plans, resulting in monetary inflation and rise of popular opposition to his regime.

José María Reina was assassinated by Edgar Zollinger, a British citizen of Swiss stock. Reina who was interred in the Metropolitan Cathedral was succeeded as President by Manuel Estrada Cabrera.