Jordan Falcon

The Jordan Falcon, a joint venture between the King Abdulla Design and Development Bureau and Jordan Aerospace Industries, is a compact tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of performing a wide range of aerial robotic applications. It performs real-time day and night reconnaissance, remote sensing, surveillance and target acquisition up to a range of 50 km.

The Jordan Falcon is powered by a quiet 200cc 2-stroke engine burning a conventional gas/oil mixture with fuel for a 4-hour flight stored in the aircraft's fuselage tank. Additional fuel tanks may be equipped to provide added capacity. A generator and an emergency onboard batteries power the aircraft and payload.

Its heading, altitude, airspeed and GPS waypoint navigation are fully controlled by an autopilot. A 5-watt video/telemetry microwave datalink transmits real-time imagery and vehicle telemetry back from the UAV at ranges up to 50 km.

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