Jong often appears as a surname. In some cases, it is a romanisation transliteration of the Chinese 楊/杨, more commonly represented as Yang. In the 1947 census, "de Jong", from "de jonge" (Dutch for "junior" ), was the most common surname in the Netherlands.

People with the surname Jong include:

  • Erica Jong, an American author.
  • Jong Sub Baik, (born 1980), South Korean boxer
  • Jong Thae-yang, North Korean diplomat

People with the surname "de Jong" and close variants include:

  • Jong, Arie de (1865–1957), Dutch linguist
  • Jong, Bert de (born 1955), Dutch speed skatern
  • Jong, Bob de (born 1976), Dutch speed skater
  • Jong, Constance de (born 1950), American playwright
  • Jong, Fnk de (born 1955), Canadian politician
  • Jong, Fred de (born 1964), New Zealand footballer
  • Jong, J. W. de (1921–2000), Dutch indologist
  • Jong, Jacqueline de (born 1939), Dutch activist
  • Jong, Jean-Paul de (born 1970), Dutch footballer
  • Jong, Jerry de (born 1964), Dutch footballer
  • Jong, Jill de (born 1982), Dutch model
  • Jong, Johannes de (1885–1955), Dutch religious leader
  • Jong, John de (born 1977), Dutch footballer
  • Jong, John H.A.L. de (born 1947), Dutch linguist
  • Jong, Loe de (1914–2005), Dutch historian
  • Jong, Marcel De (born 1986), Canadian footballer
  • Jong, Marjolein de (born 1968), Dutch volleyball player
  • Jong, Meindert De (1906–1991), Dutch-born American author
  • Jong, Mike de, Canadian politician
  • Jong, Nigel de (born 1984), Dutch footballer
  • Jong, Piet de (born 1915), Dutch politician
  • Jong, Reggie de (born 1964), Dutch swimmer
  • Jong, Simon De (born 1942), Canadian politician
  • Jong, Theo de (born 1947), Dutch footballer
  • Jong, Tonny de (born 1974), Dutch speed skater
  • Jong, Xenia de (born 1922), Dutch athlete
  • Jong-a-Pin, Calvin (born 1986), Dutch footballer
  • Jonge, Freek de (born 1944), Dutch comedian
  • Jongh, Andrée de (born 1916), Belgian activist
  • Jongh, Claude de (1606–1663), Dutch painter
  • Jongh, Dick de (born 1939), Dutch mathematician
  • Jongh, John de (born 1957), Caribbean politician
  • Jongh, Ludolf de (1616–1679), Dutch painter
  • Jongh, Steven de (born 1973), Dutch cyclist
  • Jongh, Theunis Willem de, South African businessperson
  • Jongh, Tinus de (1885–1942), Dutch-born South African painter
  • Jongh-Elhage, Emily de (born 1946), Caribbean politician

People with the name Jong and close variants include:

  • Jong Uichico, Filipino professional basketball head coach
  • Jhong Hilario, (born 1976) Filipino actor and dancer

•Jong Jung, (born 1987)

Other uses of Jong include:

  • Jong, Iran, a village in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Jong, a Korean bell
  • Mala Mala Jong, a fictional character from the animated series Xiaolin Showdown
  • Muk Yan Jong, a martial arts dummy

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Famous quotes containing the word jong:

    To name oneself is the first act of both the poet and the revolutionary. When we take away the right to an individual name, we symbolically take away the right to be an individual. Immigration officials did this to refugees; husbands routinely do it to wives.
    —Erica Jong (b. 1942)

    Each month
    the blood sheets down
    like good red rain.
    —Erica Jong (b. 1942)

    Where is Hollywood located? Chiefly between the ears. In that part of the American brain lately vacated by God.
    —Erica Jong (b. 1942)