Joe Todaro Sr

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Joseph Todaro, Sr. - The Todaro Era
... By the end of 1985, Joseph "Lead Pipe" Todaro Sr ... Joe Todaro Sr ... Joe Todaro Sr ...
Joseph Todaro, Sr. - Lead Pipe Joe Becomes Boss
... made up the crime family were led by Sam Pieri and Joe Fino, but after Acting Underboss, Danny Sansanese was imprisoned in April 1972 and capo, John Cammilleri ... operative, Ron Fino, his father, Joe Fino is allegedly schedualled to be assassinated with Cammilleri, he is given a pass by Acting Boss and Sam Pieri who has been recently paroled from prison, but is forced to ... This left Capo, Joseph Todaro Sr ...
Buffalo Crime Family - Todaro Era
... It is not clear exactly when, but by late 1984 and certainly by 1985, Joseph Todaro Sr ... Joseph Todaro Sr ... known as "Poppa Joe" to his family and friends was born in 1923 and is the owner of the world famous La Nova Pizzeria and Wing Company located at 371 West Ferry Ave ...

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