Jim Lindberg

Jim Lindberg

James William Lindberg (born July 26, 1965) is an American singer and guitarist. Active since the 1980s, when he played in local bands in his early career, Lindberg is best known for being the frontman and songwriter of the influential punk rock band Pennywise, where he had remained as a member from 1988 and 2009 before he rejoined in 2012. He also fronts and plays guitar in The Black Pacific, who released a debut album in 2010.

As the main lyricist for Pennywise along with deceased bassist Jason Thirsk, Lindberg was responsible for encouraging the bands message of positive mental attitude and self-reliance. A UCLA English major graduate, Lindberg often cited American transcendentalist philosophers Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau as major influences on his lyrics. With song titles such as "My Own Way", "It's Up to Me", "Date With Destiny", and "My Own Country", Lindberg's lyrics often reflected the transcendentalist credo to live one’s life by their own rules and not adhere to the materialistic constraints of modern society or the constraints of authority.

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