Jilin City - Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions

# Name Hanzi Hanyu Pinyin Population (2010 CENSUS) Area (km²) Density (/km²)
1 Chuanying District 船营区 Chuányíng Qū 659,188 711 818
2 Longtan District 龙潭区 Lóngtán Qū 527,532 1209 475
3 Changyi District 昌邑区 Chāngyì Qū 492,159 865 715
4 Fengman District 丰满区 Fēngmǎn Qū 296,924 1032 288
5 Panshi City 磐石市 Pánshí Shì 505,954 3867 128
6 Jiaohe City 蛟河市 Jiāohé Shì 447,380 6235 74
7 Huadian City 桦甸市 Huàdiàn Shì 444,997 6624 71
8 Shulan City 舒兰市 Shūlán Shì 645,925 4554 140
9 Yongji County 永吉县 Yǒngjí Xiàn 394,622 2625 150

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