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Canadian Federation Of Jewish Students - Representation
... CFJS strives to represent Jewish students and their concerns and interests to outside organizations, including but not limited to national Jewish and student organizations as well as international Jewish student ... representation exists through the consent and support of local campus-based Jewish student groups ... Banks, Concordia University 2010-2011 Board Graduate Student Chair Noah Kadish, York University Graduate Student Chair Matt Rutchik, University of Toronto Communication Chair Ashley Faintuch ...
List Of Agnostics - List - Science, Technology
... Jacob Bronowski (1908–1974), Polish-Jewish British mathematician, biologist, historian of science, theatre author, poet and inventor. 1858–1917), French sociologist, who had a Jewish Bar Mitzvah at thirteen, was briefly interested in Catholicism after a mystical experience, but ... Albert Einstein (1879–1955), Jewish born theoretical physicist, best known for his theory of relativity and the mass-energy equivalence ...

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    A black sun has appeared in the sky of my motherland.
    Wuer Kaixi, Chinese student leader. Quoted in Independent (London, June 29, 1989)

    Dr. Craigle: A good man, completely reliable. Not given to overcharging and stringing visits out, the way some do.
    Phil Green: Do you mean the way some doctors do or do you mean the way some Jewish doctors do?
    Dr. Craigle: I suppose you’re right. I suppose some of us do it, too. Not just the Chosen People.
    Moss Hart (1904–1961)