Jean De Segonzac

Jean De Segonzac

Jean R. B. de Segonzac (sometimes credited as Jean DeSegonzac) is a director, screenwriter and cinematographer who has worked in documentaries and television programs. Most of his work has been in gritty, cinéma vérité-style law enforcement TV dramas.

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... The film owes much of its success to director of photography Jean De Segonzac, whose alert camera takes in such eccentric details as a copy of The New Sweden on the ... De Segonzac not only provided the cinematography, but also refused his $5,000 salary in order to help complete the film ... A reviewer for The Washington Post said de Segonzac "fills the screen with beautifully framed scenes that need little verbal underpinning." In 1994, de Segonzac was ...
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