Java Authentication and Authorization Service

Java Authentication and Authorization Service, or JAAS, pronounced "Jazz", is the Java implementation of the standard Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) information security framework. JAAS was introduced as an extension library to the Java Platform, Standard Edition 1.3 and was integrated in version 1.4.

The main goal of JAAS is to separate the concerns of user authentication so that they may be managed independently. While the former authentication mechanism contained information about where the code originated from and who signed that code, JAAS adds a marker about who runs the code. By extending the verification vectors JAAS extends the security architecture for Java applications that require authentication and authorization modules.

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Java Authentication And Authorization Service - Form Authentication
... Form authentication is another commonly used part of JAAS ... This authentication method is flexible in that a Java HTTP client such as Apache HTTP client can be used in place of a web-browser, e.g ... web.xml (where the login-config element has specified an authentication method of "FORM") ...

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