Jane Franklin Hall - Resident Activities

Resident Activities

Upon entry to Jane, all residents become members of the Jane Franklin Hall Student Club. Residents can accept nomination to a position on the Student Club Committee and/or various sub-committees by election, and are then charged with representing students or organising activities.

The positions on the student club and their respective roles are as follows:

Position Role
President Represents residents at official functions, coordinates all committee activities
Vice President Assists President and convenes Progress Committee
Tresurer Responsible for the financial operations of the Student Club
Secretary Responsible for official communications and merchandise of the Student Club
Male Sports Rep Arranges intercollege sports for male residents
Female Sports Rep Arranges intercollege sports for female residents
Publications Rep Arranges advertising, produces annual yearbook and video
Social Rep Arranges parties and the annual Ball
Activities Rep Arranges non-alcoholic activities and functions

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