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Personal Statement From WhiteLiesBlackSheep.com

I grew up all over the place. I have seen a lot of things. I have lived both comfortably and uncomfortably in black AND white America. Defining myself, for myself and loving myself for my decision, was no easy task. "White Lies" marks the end of that journey for me. It was the last thing I needed to say to my world before I could say to myself, what I always knew to be true. "Race doesn't matter, Race is a lie". That statement made, I also understand that RACISM does matter and that is the truth. I fully comprehend the difference and how it has effected and continues to effect my life. It is my hope that this film speaks to the audience the way, my first film, Afro-Punk did, helping them as they continue to define themselves. —James Spooner, WhiteLiesBlackSheep.com

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