Jack Meyer (educator and Cricketer)

Jack Meyer (educator And Cricketer)

Rollo John Oliver Meyer (15 March 1905 – 9 March 1991), known generally as 'Jack', and at Millfield mainly as 'Boss', was an English educationalist who founded Millfield School (1935) and Millfield Preparatory School (1946) in Somerset; he was also an all-round sportsman who played cricket at first-class level in both England and in India. He died in Bristol on 9 March 1991.

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Jack Meyer (educator And Cricketer) - Personality
... Meyer was unpredictable in most of what he did ... Tales of his eccentric behaviour are legion and many of them appear to have more than a smattering of truth but despite all of this, he was also a genuinely far-sighted educationalist, an unorthodox but successful entrepreneur, and a talented if unharnessed sportsman ...

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