Iyer Wedding

Iyer Wedding

Iyers are a subsect of South Indian Brahmins and generally speak Tamil. Such weddings are known as kalyaanam or thirumanam in Tamil. For details about vedic rituals described below, see Vedic wedding.

Iyer weddings, like other Hindu weddings, typically last about 2–3 days where it once used to last 7 days. While the main bulk of organizing a wedding falls on the bride's family's shoulders, the groom's side plays a significant role in the organization as well. It is a joyous celebration consisting of age-old traditions and religious rites admixed with lots of singing, dancing and fun-filled processions that typify the vibrant Indian culture.

Dress code is usually barechested with a veshti for males and sarees or Madisaar for females. In the reception component of the wedding, it is not uncommon to see guests dressed in formal Western wear such as suits for males. Women still generally remain adorned with flowers and dazzle in silk sarees.

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