Related quantum numbers:

  • Baryon number: B
  • Lepton number: L
  • Weak isospin: T or T3
  • Electric charge: Q
  • X-charge: X

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Hypercharge - Relation With Electric Charge and Isospin
... The Gell-Mann–Nishijima formula relates isospin and electric charge where I3 is the third component of isospin and Q is the particle's charge ... Isospin creates multiplets of particles whose average charge is related to the hypercharge by since the hypercharge is the same for all members of a multiplet, and the ...
... isovector refers to the vector transformation of a particle under the SU(2) group of isospin ... An isovector state is a triplet state with total isospin 1, with the third component of isospin either 1, 0, or -1, much like a triplet state in the two-particle addition of Spin ...
... particle or field under the SU(2) group of isospin ... It is a singlet state, with total Isospin 0 and the third component of Isospin 0, much like a singlet state in a 2-particle addition of Spin ...
... the operator associated with the 2nd component of the isospin "vector" ... a π rad (180°) rotation around the 2nd axis of isospin space ... Given that charge conjugation and isospin are preserved by strong interactions, so is G ...
Gauged Isospin Symmetry
... Attempts have been made to promote isospin from a global to a local symmetry ... continuously rotated into each other by isospin, should be allowed to vary from point to point ... To describe this, the proton and neutron direction in isospin space must be defined at every point, giving local basis for isospin ...