Islamic Studies By Author (non-Muslim or Academic)

Islamic Studies By Author (non-Muslim Or Academic)

Included are prominent authors who have made studies concerning Islam, the religion and its civilization, and the culture of muslim peoples. Not included are those studies of Islam produced by Muslim authors meant primarily for a Muslim audience.

Herein most of the authors from the early centuries of Islam belonged to non-Muslim societies, cultures, or religions. The primary intent of many early works was to inform non-Muslims about a distant and/or unfamiliar Islam; some were clearly polemical in motivation and cannot be termed objective. As time went on, academic standards were developed generally, and were increasingly applied to studies of Islam. Many of the authors here are of Christian provenance, yet there are also Jewish, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, Communist, and secular points of view. The most recent entries are often sourced in universities, and include works by Muslim professors whose publications address a worldwide audience.

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Islamic Studies By Author (non-Muslim Or Academic) - Other and Incomplete: Alphabetical
... Akbar 15421605) Mughul emperor based chieflly on Islam and Hinduism he founded a court religion Din-i-Ilahi,which did not flourish following the end of his reign ... Bb 18191850) Iran he proclaimed prophethood and,in succession to the three Abrahamic faiths including Islam,initiated a new religion which continues as the Baha'i ... Juan Cole,American Baha'i,contemporary academic and commentator on Islam ...

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