Iron Law

Iron law may refer to:

  • Iron law of population, from Thomas Malthus' An Essay on the Principle of Population (1798)
  • Iron law of wages, from Ferdinand Lassalle's Subsistence theory of wages (mid 19th century)
  • Iron law of oligarchy, from Michels' Political Parties
  • Iron law of prohibition, from Cohen's How the Narcs Created Crack
  • Iron Law of Bureaucracy, from Jerry Pournelle.

Other articles related to "iron law, laws, law":

Iron Law Of Oligarchy - Examples and Exceptions
... of a group or organization is important to the Iron Law as well ... and early 1980s, the Green Party of Germany made a conscious effort to break the Iron Law ... One of the best known exceptions to the iron law of oligarchy was the now defunct International Typographical Union, described by Seymour Martin Lipset in his 1956 book, Union Democracy ...
Daniel De Leon - Biography - Political Career
... Connolly showed him to have been an advocate of Lassalle's Iron Law of Wages ... same logic Marx and Engels could be described as advocates of the Iron Law because language in The Communist Manifesto and Value, Price and Profit ...
Jerry Pournelle - Politics - Iron Law of Bureaucracy
... Pournelle has suggested several "laws" ... His first use of the term "Pournelle's law" appears to be for the expression "one user, one CPU." He has also used "Pournelle's law" to apply to the importance of checking cables ... His best-known "law" is "Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy" In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in ...
Iron Law Of Prohibition
... The iron law of prohibition is a term coined by Richard Cowan which states that "the more intense the law enforcement, the more potent the prohibited substance becomes." This law is an application ... and inspect the production process, and harmed consumers have no recourse in law ... Therefore the "iron law" says that the more you try to enforce prohibition (bigger budgets, larger penalties, etc.) the more potent and dangerous prohibited ...

Famous quotes containing the words law and/or iron:

    They are the lovers of law and order who observe the law when the government breaks it.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Hate-hardened heart, O heart of iron,
    iron is iron till it is rust.
    There never was a war that was
    not inward; I must
    fight till I have conquered in myself what
    causes war, but I would not believe it.
    Marianne Moore (1887–1972)