IPA For Irish - Comparison To Other Phonetic Transcription Schemes

Comparison To Other Phonetic Transcription Schemes

Materials published elsewhere use somewhat different conventions from those used at Wikipedia. For example, it is a longstanding tradition to leave velarized ("broad") consonants unmarked and mark palatalized ("slender") consonants with the prime, although this is not standard IPA usage.

This section compares the IPA system used at Wikipedia (which is based on that used by Ailbhe Ní Chasaide in her description of Irish in the Handbook of the International Phonetic Association, ISBN 0-521-63751-1) with the system used in some other works.

IPA Ní Chasaide (1999)
Quiggin (1906)
Breatnach (1947)
Ó Sé (2000)
(Dingle Peninsula)
Mhac an Fhailigh (1968)
Ó Siadhail (1988)
(Cois Fhairrge)
Foclóir Póca (1993)
a a æ, α a a a æ:, a: a
æ α: a: ɑː a: ɑ: a:
b b b b b b
b′ b′ b′ b′ b′ b′
c c k′ k′ k′ k′ k′ k′
ç ç ç ç x′ ç x′ x′
d̪ˠ d̪ˠ d d d d d d
d̠ʲ d′ d′ d′ d′ d′ d′
e e: e: e: e: e:
ɛ ɛ ɛ, e e e e e e
ə ə ə ə ə, ɪ ə ə ə
əi αi əi ai əi ai ai
əu au αu əu ou əu au au
f f f f f f
f′ f′ f′ f′ f′ f′
ɡ ɡ g g ɡ g g g
ɣ ɣ γ ɣ ɣ ɣ γ
h h h h, h′ h h h h
i i: i: i: i: i:
ɪ ɪ ï, i, y i i i i i
ia iːə i:ə
j j j j ɣ′ j ɣ′ γ′
ɟ ɟ g′ g′ ɡ′ g′ g′ g′
k k k k k k k k
l̪ˠ l̪ˠ L l l L L l
l l
l̠ʲ l̠ʲ L′ l′ l′ L′ L′ l′
l l′ l′ l′
m m m m m m
m′ m′ m′ m′ m′ m′
n̪ˠ n̪ˠ N n n N N n
n n n
n̠ʲ n̠ʲ N′ n′ n′ N′ N′ n′
n′ n′ n′
ɲ ɲ ɲ ŋ′ ŋ′ ŋ′ ŋ′ ŋ′
ŋ ŋ ŋ ŋ ŋ ŋ ŋ ŋ
o o:, ɔ: o: o: o: o:
ɔ ʌ ɔ, o̤ o o o o o
p p p p p p
p′ p′ p′ p′ p′ p′
ɾˠ ɾˠ r, R r r r r r
ɾʲ ɾʲ r′ r′ r′ r′ r′ r′
s s s s s s
ʃ ɕ ʃ ʃ ʃ ʃ s′ s′
t̪ˠ t̪ˠ t t t t t
t̠ʲ t′ t′ t′ t′ t′ t′
u u: u: u: u: u:
ʊ ɤ U u u u u u
ua uːə u:ə
v v′ v′ v′ w′ v′
w w w v v w w v
x x χ x x x x x

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