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Scams In Intellectual Property - Invention Promotion Firm Scams
... An inventor promotion scam or invention promotion scam is a scam where inventors are lured to pay money for development of their invention, or promotion of it ... Some invention promotion firms have been found to engage in improper and deceptive practices ... Signs of an unscrupulous invention promotion firm include Exaggerated claims about the market potential of the invention Refusal to offer advice in writing, or having all ...
Invention Promotion Firm
... An invention promotion firm or invention submission corporation provides services to inventors to help them develop or market their inventions ... These firms may offer to evaluate the patentability of inventions, file patent applications and license them to manufacturers, build prototypes, and market inventions ... Many inventors have been dissatisfied with the services they have received from invention promotion firms ...

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    I am asked if I would not be gratified if my friends would procure me promotion to a brigadier-generalship. My feeling is that I would rather be one of the good colonels than one of the poor generals. The colonel of a regiment has one of the most agreeable positions in the service, and one of the most useful. “A good colonel makes a good regiment,” is an axiom.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    In all her products, Nature only develops her simplest germs. One would say that it was no great stretch of invention to create birds. The hawk which now takes his flight over the top of the wood was at first, perchance, only a leaf which fluttered in its aisles. From rustling leaves she came in the course of ages to the loftier flight and clear carol of the bird.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)