Into The West (TV Miniseries) - Cast


Listed below are the major characters and the actors who play them. Some of the characters are portrayed at different ages by different actors.

  • Loved by the Buffalo – Chevez Ezaneh, Simon R. Baker, George Leach, Steve Reevis, Joseph M. Marshall III
  • Thunder Heart Woman – Tonantzin Carmelo, Sheila Tousey
  • Running Fox – Mathew Strongeagle, Zahn McClarnon, Russell Means
  • Dog Star – Pony Boy Osuniga, Michael Spears, Gil Birmingham
  • Growling Bear – Gordon Tootoosis
  • Jacob Wheeler – Matthew Settle, John Terry
  • Jethro Wheeler – Skeet Ulrich
  • Nathan Wheeler – Alan Tudyk
  • Jedediah Smith – Josh Brolin
  • James Fletcher – Will Patton
  • Johnny Fox – Gary Busey
  • Naomi Wheeler – Keri Russell
  • Rachel Wheeler – Jessica Capshaw
  • Stephen Hoxie – Beau Bridges
  • Preacher Hobbes – Derek de Lint
  • Prairie Fire – Jay Tavare
  • Margaret (Light Shines) Wheeler – Chantry Bruised Head, Summer Rae Birdyellowhead, Sage Galesi, Irene Bedard
  • Jacob (Touch the Sky) Wheeler Jr. – Samuel Patrick Chu, Tyler Christopher
  • Abraham (High Wolf) Wheeler – Benjamin Smoke, Tyler Posey, Christian Kane
  • Conquering Bear – Graham Greene
  • Clara Wheeler – Rachael Leigh Cook, Joanna Going
  • David Wheeler – Balthazar Getty
  • Samson Wheeler – Matthew Modine
  • Martin Jarrett – Sean Astin
  • Ethan Biggs – Daniel Gillies
  • Robert Wheeler – Warren Kole, Craig Sheffer
  • Daniel Wheeler – Lance Henriksen
  • John Chivington – Tom Berenger
  • George Armstrong Custer – Jonathan Scarfe
  • Thomas C. Durant – Forrest Fyre
  • Black Kettle – Wes Studi
  • Red Cloud – Raoul Trujillo
  • White Crow – William Joseph Elk III, David Midthunder
  • Red Lance – Malachi Tsoodle-Nelson, Eddie Spears
  • Richard Henry Pratt – Keith Carradine
  • Douglas Hillman – Judge Reinhold
  • Sitting Bull – Eric Schweig
  • Voices that Carry – Nakotah LaRance, Chaske Spencer
  • Daniel Royer – David Paymer
  • Yellow Bird – William Merasty
  • Kicking Bear – Brandon Oakes
  • Spotted Elk – George Aguilar

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