International Community

The international community is a phrase used in international relations to refer to all peoples, cultures and governments of the world or to a group of them. The term is used to imply the existence of common duties and obligations between them. Activists, politicians and commentators regularly advocate the term, in the context of calls for action to be taken against political repression and to preserve the respect for human rights. It is also urged as an approbative for evidence-based policy in governance, and frequently for moral syncretism, justice and peace.

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... that the government would not hold talks with the "international community." The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Jiang Yu, commented on the election during Than Shwe's visit to ... The international community can provide constructive help and refrain from any negative impact on the domestic political process of Myanmar and on regional peace and ... totally illegitimate and without any meaning in the international community." She admitted that "We are absolutely committed to trying to come up with an ...
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... People may sometimes refer to "the will of the international community" to strengthen their own point of view or the opposite expression "the ... of conflict or war may be claimed as an action of the "international community" by a superpower or coalition that could represent under half or less of the world's population ... decade ago that seems to have developed is away from a traditionally-accepted version of "international community" to one where even anti-Western or anti-Eastern interests are included, as ...

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    ... no community where more than one-half of the adults are disfranchised and otherwise incapacitated by law and custom, can be free from great vices. Purity is inconsistent with slavery.
    Tennessee Claflin (1846–1923)