International Affairs

International affairs may refer to:

  • Diplomacy
  • International relations
  • International Affairs Association
  • International Affairs (journal), a peer-reviewed academic journal first published in 1924
  • International Affairs Party, a political party in Kosovo
  • International Affairs Review, international relations journals first published in 1992
  • International Affairs (Soviet magazine), a communist propaganda vehicle
  • The Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs

Other articles related to "international, international affairs":

Rami George Khouri - Career
... Following a year in the United States as program administrator for the Division of International Programs Abroad at Syracuse University, Khouri returned to Beirut to become managing editor of Middle East Money in ... Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI) at the American University of Beirut ... throughout the Middle East with the International Herald Tribune ...
Martin Wight - Selected Works
... Wight wrote many reviews, mainly for The Observer and International Affairs, but his main works are "Christian Pacifism", Theology, 33193 (July 1936), pp. 8 (London Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1946) ... Ashton-Gwatkin (eds.) Survey of International Affairs 1939-1946 The World in March 1939 (London Oxford University Press Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1952), pp.138-150, pp ...
The Fund For American Studies - Programs - U.S. Programs - Institute On Economics and International Affairs (IEIA)
... Approximately 60 undergraduate leaders attend the Institute on Economics and International Affairs (IEIA) in order to gain real-world experience in the ...
Master Of Science In Foreign Service
... Foreign Service (commonly abbreviated SFS) is a school of international affairs within Georgetown University in Washington, D.C ... Its faculty include many distinguished figures in international affairs, such as former U.S ... of Foreign Service is widely recognized as one of the world's leading international affairs schools and is sometimes referred to as the "West Point of the U.S ...
List Of University Of Miami Faculty - College of Arts and Sciences
... Harm de Blij (Geography) Stefan Brecht (Poetry) Peter Burleigh (International Affairs) Ambler Moss (International Affairs) Juan Larrain (International Affairs) Vincent J ... Paul Dirac 1968-72 (Physics) Joseph Parent (Political Science/International Affairs) Robert F ... Physics) Abraham Lavender (Sociology) Christopher Layne (International Affairs) Keith Lehrer (Philosophy) Colin McGinn (Philosophy) Ivan Petrella (Theology) Guido Ruggiero (History) Michael Slote ...

Famous quotes containing the words international affairs and/or affairs:

    The chief reason warfare is still with us is neither a secret death-wish of the human species, nor an irrepressible instinct of aggression, nor, finally and more plausibly, the serious economic and social dangers inherent in disarmament, but the simple fact that no substitute for this final arbiter in international affairs has yet appeared on the political scene.
    Hannah Arendt (1906–1975)

    The more reasonable a student was in mathematics, the more unreasonable she was in the affairs of real life, concerning which few trustworthy postulates have yet been ascertained.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)