Interaction Lagrangian

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BRST Quantization - The BRST Operator and Asymptotic Fock Space
... adding a BRST exact term to a gauge invariant Lagrangian density preserves the relation ... The "true" Lagrangian, presumed to be invariant under local gauge transformations, is in the kernel of the BRST operator but not in its image.) The ... Since we have postulated that the "true" Lagrangian of our theory is gauge invariant, the true "states" of our Hamiltonian system are equivalence classes under local gauge transformation ...
Regauging - Classical Gauge Theory - An Example: Scalar O(n) Gauge Theory
... of this section requires some familiarity with classical or quantum field theory, and the use of Lagrangians ... Definitions in this section gauge group, gauge field, interaction Lagrangian, gauge boson ... from global symmetry properties, and how it leads to an interaction between fields which were originally non-interacting ...

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