Institute For Theoretical and Experimental Physics

The Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP; Russian Институт теоретической и экспериментальной физики) is located in Moscow, Russia as a MinAtom physical institute.

Established December 1, 1945, ITEP exists as a community of people studying topics ranging from theoretical physics and mathematics to biology and chemistry. The group organizes schools for scholars and undergraduates.

The school conducts and produces original scientific research. Research areas in theoretical physics concentrate around quantum field theory including the string theory.

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Institute For Theoretical And Experimental Physics - 2012 Controversy
... A large group of scientists at the ITEP are protesting about the Russian government's plan to merge ITEP with the Kurchatov Institute ... According to them, the real purpose of the move is to effectively "kill" ITEP ...

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