Some articles on install:

Menuconfig - What Next?
... The user is encouraged to read the Linux README, since there are also many other targets ... Each will configure the kernel, but with different features activated ...
Logic Studio - System Requirements
... to Apple, one needs to meet the following requirements to install all applications Mac computer with an Intel processor (PPC is supported prior to v9.1.11) 2GB of RAM (4GB or more recommended) Display ...
... code USM.pkg, a file format used by Apple to install applications and Sony's PlayStation 3 to install games onto the PS3's hard disk the pkg Image Packaging System used ...
List Of Canada's Worst Handyman 2 Episodes - Episode 6: The Finishing Touches - Trimwork
... The contestants must install a nailing edge around their windows and doors in order to install trim and baseboards ... However, he makes the wrong cut, forcing him to install his trim on upside-down ... leave one piece of trim for Candace to install herself, which (due to inexperience) results in disaster when it takes her eight nails to secure the trim ...
APazari Desktop - ClickOnce Installation
... Then it asks the user to click on the Install button to verify that he/she trusts the publisher and wants to install the application ... application to the user's computer, and the need for administrator permissions to install applications ... No administrator privileges are required to install one of these applications ...

More definitions of "install":

  • (verb): Set up for use.
    Example: "Install the washer and dryer"
    Synonyms: instal, put in, set up
  • (verb): Put into an office or a position.
    Example: "The new president was installed immediately after the election"