Input Line Segments

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Bentley–Ottmann Algorithm - Analysis
... The algorithm processes one event per segment endpoint or crossing point, in the sorted order of the x-coordinates of these points, as may be proven by induction ... event has been processed, the next event (if it is a crossing point) must be a crossing of two segments that are adjacent in the ordering of the segments represented by T, and ... As a consequence, it correctly finds all crossings of input line segments, the problem it was designed to solve ...

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    It is not, truly speaking, the labour that is divided; but the men: divided into mere segments of men—broken into small fragments and crumbs of life, so that all the little piece of intelligence that is left in a man is not enough to make a pin, or a nail, but exhausts itself in making the point of a pin or the head of a nail.
    John Ruskin (1819–1900)

    Family life is not a computer program that runs on its own; it needs continual input from everyone.
    Neil Kurshan (20th century)

    It may be the more
    That no line of her writing have I,
    Nor a thread of her hair,
    No mark of her late time as dame in her dwelling, whereby
    I may picture her there.
    Thomas Hardy (1840–1928)