Ingress Filtering

In computer networking, ingress filtering is a technique used to make sure that incoming packets are actually from the networks that they claim to be from.

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Forwarding Information Base - Applications At Network Layer - In Ingress Filtering Against Denial of Service
... can also play a role in an Internet best current practice (BCP) of ingress filtering ... Though the simplest form of implementing ingress filtering is to use access lists to drop packets with improper source addresses, use of access lists becomes difficult on routers with a large ... While the IETF document BCP 38 on ingress filtering does not specify a method of implementing source address filtering, some router vendors have implemented a mechanism which ...
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... towards preventing spoofed packets known as ingress filtering ... Ingress Filtering restricts spoofed packets at ingress points to the network by tracking the set of legitimate source networks that can use this router ... Park and Lee present an extension of Ingress Filtering at layer 3 ...
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... Network ingress filtering is a packet filtering technique used by many Internet service providers to try to prevent source address spoofing of ... Network ingress filtering is a "good neighbor" policy which relies on cooperation between ISPs for their mutual benefit ... The best current practice for network ingress filtering is documented by the Internet Engineering Task Force in BCP 38, which is currently defined by RFC 2827 ...