Infanta Alicia, Dowager Duchess of Calabria - Marriage and Issue

Marriage and Issue

Alicia married Infante Alfonso, Duke of Calabria (30 November 1901 - 3 February 1964), her second cousin and the eldest child and son of Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and his wife Mercedes, Princess of Asturias, on 16 April 1936 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary. Alicia and Alfonso had three children:

  • Princess Teresa María of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (born 6 February 1937) ∞ Don Íñigo Moreno y Artega, Marqués de Laula on 16 April 1961 in Madrid, Spain
    • Rodrigo Moreno y de Borbón (born 1 February 1962)
    • Alicia Moreno y de Borbón (born 6 June 1964) ∞ José Luis Hernández y Eraso
      • Íñigo Hernández y Moreno (born 2000)
      • Alejandra Hernández y Moreno (born 2000)
    • Alfonso Moreno y de Borbón (born 19 October 1965) ∞ Marta Calvo y Molezún
      • Íñigo Moreno y Calvo (born 2001)
      • Lucía Moreno y Calvo (born 2003)
    • Beatriz Moreno y de Borbón (born 10 May 1967) ∞ Lucas Urquijo y Fernández-Araoz
      • Teresa Urquijo y Moreno (born on October 1996)
      • Juan Urquijo y Moreno (born 1999)
    • Fernando Moreno y de Borbón (born 8 July 1969 - died in a motorcycle accident on 12 May 2011)
    • Clara Moreno y de Borbón (born 14 June 1971)
    • Delia Moreno y de Borbón (born 30 August 1972) ∞ Álvaro de Ledesma y Sanchiz
      • Alicia de Ledesma y Moreno (born 2009)
      • Enrique de Ledesma y Moreno (born 2010)
  • Infante Carlos, Duke of Calabria (born 16 January 1938) ∞ Princess Anne of Orléans on 12 May 1965 in Dreux, France
    • Princess Cristina of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (born 15 March 1966)
    • Princess María of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (born 5 April 1967)
    • Prince Pedro, Duke of Noto (born 16 October 1968)
    • Princess Inés María of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (born 20 April 1971)
    • Princess Victoria of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (born 24 May 1976)
  • Princess Inés María of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (born 18 February 1940) ∞ Don Luis de Morales y Aguado on 21 January 1965 in Madrid, Spain
    • Isabel de Morales y de Borbón (born 10 April 1966) ∞ Joaquín Galán y Otamendi
      • Carlota Galán y de Morales (born 1998)
      • Inés Galán y de Morales (born 2000)
    • Eugenia de Morales y de Borbón (born 14 December 1967) ∞ Íñigo Valdenebro y García de Polavieja
      • Gonzalo Valdenebro y de Morales (born 1998)
      • Jimena Valdenebro y de Morales (born 2002)
    • Sonia de Morales y de Borbón (born 9 December 1969) ∞ Alejandro García-Atance y Leurquín
      • Alfonso Romero y de Morales (born 1989) son of Santiago Romero Jiménez
      • Íñigo García-Atance y de Morales (born 2000)
      • Sofía García-Atance y de Morales (born 2001)
    • Manuel de Morales y de Borbón (born 16 December 1971) ∞ Emma Ruiz de Azcárate y García de Lomas
      • Luis de Morales y Ruiz de Azcárate (born 2009)
      • Juan de Morales y Ruiz de Azcárate (born 2012)
    • Mencía de Morales y de Borbón (born 25 November 1976)

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